How are GOOD and Apollo Group addressing the skills gap?

Despite America’s high unemployment rate, there are more than 3.7 million open job positions and 34 percent of American companies report having difficulty filling critical positions. This disparity points to insufficient opportunities in educational institutions and the workforce that lead to our current “skills gap”. To address this issue, Apollo Group developed The Virtual Apprentice ℠. Launched August of this year, The Virtual Apprentice is a platform that allows businesses to specify which job skills they’re seeking in candidates, with tools that will allow candidates to acquire, demonstrate, and apply these skills in their job applications.

To complement The Virtual Apprentice effort, GOOD and Apollo Group developed Coding for GOOD, which draws attention to the significance of the skills gap and, through a real-world application, showcases our effort to bridge it. Coding for GOOD is meeting the skills gap head-on by curating an online learning program specific to an open position at GOOD, and then hiring a candidate based on the mastery of that program–not on the basis of a traditional resume.

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Apollo Group, Inc. is one of the world’s largest private education providers and has been in the education business for approximately 40 years. The Company offers innovative and distinctive educational programs and services both online and on-campus at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels through its subsidiaries: University of Phoenix, Apollo Global, Institute for Professional Development and College for Financial Planning. The Company offers programs and services throughout the United States and in Latin America and Europe, as well as online throughout the world.