• HTML - Basics

    Unit 1

    Congratulations, you're about to take your first steps to becoming a developer! Our team has put together an original learning series that incorporates carefully curated coding tutorials, original hands-on challenges, and super-fun quizzes. In completing each component you will learn an important skill essential to every new coder's success. In this first lesson, you'll learn about HTML, the basic language of the web and how to use it to create a web page introduction of yourself.

  • CSS - Basics

    Unit 1

    Now that you've got HTML basics in your toolkit it's time to get fancy with style! With CSS, you'll learn how to style your personal introduction page to look more like a magazine and less like a grocery list.

  • CSS - The Box Model, Floats, and Positioning

    Unit 1

    The box model is one of the fundamentals of CSS and here you’ll learn how to use it correctly to make a professional layout. When you understand the Box Model you’ll be well on your way to layout zen and the web will be your oyster!

  • HTML & CSS - Lists and Navigation

    Unit 1

    If you’ve completed and understood everything so far, you’ve demonstrated your ability to leverage both HTML and CSS to create the foundation of any good site – its layout. So what’s next? Well, now it’s time to get a little more HEADy – to start thinking about user experience as you turn a series of web pages into a web site.

  • HTML - Images

    Unit 1

    Your web site is really starting to come together but it’s lacking a little something: pictures! How can you have a web site if you can’t post cat photos? And beyond photos, images can be used for logos and design elements so let’s learn how to get them loaded in.