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Congratulations, you're about to take your first steps to becoming a developer! Our team has put together an original learning series that incorporates carefully curated coding tutorials, original hands-on challenges, and super-fun quizzes. In completing each component you will learn an important skill essential to every new coder's success. In this first lesson, you'll learn about HTML, the basic language of the web and how to use it to create a web page introduction of yourself.

“What is the most appropriate HTML element to use to display a list of ingredients in a recipe?”
sample interview question

Want to know a secret? It’s easy to build web pages, like, really easy. To see just how easy it is, click on over to Codecademy, take the first 4 HTML lessons, then come back when you’re ready.

CodeCademy: HTML Lessons 1-4

No problemo, right? Having worked through those four lessons you’ve basically already built a web page. Simple as that! If you right-click on any web page, and choose View Page Source you can see that all web pages are built with the same things, HTML elements, and there really aren’t that many of them.

You should now understand the basic structure of an HTML document and the difference between what goes in the <head> and what goes in the <body>. To learn about more of the different tags available in HTML and to understand what they do check out Shay Howe’s A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS and The Basics of HTML on

A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS, Lesson 1 WebPlatform: The basics of HTML

Soon, you’ll be a <strong> coder but really, the goal here isn’t to memorize every tag — real coders use Google — but to understand the correct format of an HTML document.

Now it’s almost time to start working on your very own web page in our first challenge! But to get some ideas and see how people have used some of the tags that you just learned about, watch this video where a beginner coder, just like you, creates a basic website from scratch.

What's next? Do the challenge!

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  • Adc7665fdca72a5d896331d7820a034e?&s=30&d=mmDavid

    Just what I needed to get myself back into web design and codding! After earning a degree in Internet Information Systems back in 2002, letting my knowledge fade away after ten years of not working in said field and working minimum wage jobs to barely stay afloat I am excited to give this another shot. Thanks for rekindling the old fire inside my hard head.

  • 93d8002ab1c717f6d99fb49e0275b21f?&s=30&d=mmGabriel Morgan

    I love this idea. People with natural interest in code usually become professional developers. Those that have natural interest in ideas like Environmental public policy solutions, micro-finance, etc. with ideas need coding somehow-- either relationships with developers or DIY. I love DIY.

  • 3782592e4629b8463977775c364c5fd6?&s=30&d=mmCasper F

    Here's a question: will these tutorials still be here when the contest is over?
    They offer such a great resource!

  • 9944f76254eb102b3b812dac929d608f?&s=30&d=mmJoe Ngo

    Awesome use of Shay Howe's site. He is a great teacher at The Starter League!

  • F2c956529b8698f0d97ae3acc8f17e53?&s=30&d=mmLa Toya

    I'm way too excited about this. But I should probably pace myself so it all sticks.

  • 4dcacf4db68686a8aaad8f6107ce6676?&s=30&d=mmDash

    Here we go!