JavaScript - Engaging the User

In this lesson you’ll learn about a secret magic trick developers use to solve all their problems — Google — and use it to figure out how to take user input and display it reversed in your console.

“What are some different tools you can use to debug JavaScript?”
sample interview question

Before we begin, go back to Codecademy’s Getting Started with Programming (GSWP) and work through Sections 3 through 5.

Codecademy - GSWP: Make the computer think Codecademy - GSWP: Playing with strings and numbers Codecademy - GSWP: Variables

Now read the short section entitled JavaScript dialogs over at w3schools. This should take you a little while so make sure you’re not too burnt out from the last lesson before you move forward!

W3 Schools: JavaScript Popup Boxes

In the last lesson you used the alert() pop-up method but now we’re going to use the prompt() method; Watch this video tutorial on prompts so you get can an idea of what you are about to do in this lesson’s challenge.

Watch: Javascript Tutorial 3: Prompts

Before digging into the challenge, let’s learn a little more about using the console in Chrome and how it can help let us know about errors in our code:Chrome Developer Tools Tutorial: Console

Watch: Chrome Developer Tools Tutorial: Console
What's next? Do the challenge!

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